Bags vs Bins

There is no doubt skip bags serve a purpose for smaller loads.  If you have the time and patience to carefully break down your rubbish and gently load the bag.

A skip bag must be supported as you load it.  You’ll need to pull the sides up as you fill it.  More often than not, it’s hard to juggle what goes in the bag while at the same time holding the bag itself so the rubbish can be put in it.  Skip bags have very low weight limits compared to bins.  Skip bags must not be overloaded or the bag will tear and break.

Grinners skip bins:

  •           Hold more and are much easier to load
  •           Have solid walls that do not collapse as you throw things in
  •           Can handle more weight than a bag will ever support
  •           Will never break or come apart lifting them
  •           Come in bigger sizes than bags.

Grinners skip bins are much more versatile than bags.