Cyclone Preparation: yard cleanup and garden rubbish removal

Living in Townsville, most of us are familiar with the importance of preparing for the upcoming cyclone season. Knowing how to prepare is one thing, but knowing how to correctly dispose of waste during your preparations is another. What are some of the things that should be considered?

Yard Cleanup

Tidying your yard in preparation for summer bbq’s and outdoor entertaining for the warmer months can be fun. However, it’s just as important to remove excess waste from your outdoor space to prepare for the risk of a cyclone.

Avoid having unsecured items around your yard and make sure the area is as safe and risk-free as possible. Remove all things such as unwanted planks of wood or tools and equipment from unfinished renovation projects. Finish them or pack them away!

If you’re unsure what to do with excess materials and waste, GrinnersSkips can help. We’re Townsville’s best value for money when it comes to skip bin hire and we can deliver a waste removal service right to your door. Knuckle down for a weekend and clear your yard. Getting the hard work done now means you’ll be making your home and yard safe for yourself and your family.

Green Waste

Preparing for a cyclone includes cutting back overhanging branches and overgrown hedges, shrubs and bushes. Clearing leaves and debris from gutters and downpipes will also make your house as safe as possible.

We’re the experts in waste management and we can assist you with the best methods of waste removal according to your needs. Hiring a skip bin makes the job easy. Load up your waste and let us take it away!


Spring Cleaning: What to Do with Household Waste

With spring now upon us, it’s the perfect time of year to get cracking on spring cleaning around the house. Sometimes it can be tricky to know where to put all that excess rubbish or how to remove household waste or unwanted furniture. Let GrinnersSkips help you!

Skip Hire Townsville

We provide Townsville’s best skip bin hire service, so let us do all the dirty work for you! Skip bin hire is often associated with businesses and being a family home, perhaps you’ve never thought to hire a skip bin. Council collection of hard rubbish can be useful but doesn’t necessarily happen exactly when you need it. GrinnerSkips provide bins and skips on demand, year round, whenever and wherever you need them.

Green Waste

Spring is the perfect time to clean up your outdoor area, in preparation for outdoor entertaining during the upcoming warmer months. If you prune early enough your garden will flourish with fresh spring growth, and trees and plants will appear greener and more lush. Hiring our bins or skips means you can easily remove green waste and excess materials from your yard. So, why not clean out your shed while you’re at it?!

Local Investment

Locally owned and operated, we offer the best value for money guaranteed. Hiring a skip bin will save you time and money, as well as the energy and equipment required to haul away your household items to the tip by yourself.


Your trash may turn out to be another man’s (or lady’s!) treasure, so consider selling or giving away unwanted pieces of furniture. GrinnersSkips are serious about recycling and with your permission, we’ll always consider if we can upcycle or repurpose your furniture waste.

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Dealing with Waste Disposal During your Renovation in Townsville

When renovating, one of the biggest problems you may face is knowing what to do with excess waste. Clearly that amount of rubbish isn’t going to fit in your weekly council waste bin! Knowing what to do with the aftermath of a demolition or the excess packaging that comes with new hardware can pose a problem in itself. That’s why we’re here to help you with your renovation waste disposal!

Renovation Waste Disposal Tips:

Skip Bin Hire 

GrinnersSkips are the experts in waste management in Townsville. Our years of experience managing residential and commercial waste means no job is too big or small.
In Townsville, when renovating, you’re going to need a skip bin for starters. This helps you remove waste from your worksite, so you can quickly get on with the job. Renovating can be stressful and usually comes with strict deadlines so the trades can work together to finish their jobs on time. Plan ahead and hire experts like us to help you achieve seamless waste removal.

Recycling and Upcycling 

Did you know plenty of your waste can be recycled or upcycled? If you haven’t heard of upcycling, it’s the great new method of turning old things into new. As the saying goes “one person’s trash is another man’s treasure”! We specialise in recycling and upcycling, so speak with us today.

Dangerous Goods

Obviously not everything can be disposed of easily, and unfortunately we can’t accept things like asbestos, batteries, explosives, gas bottles, paint, tyres and the like. These things have their own specialised method for disposal and because we care about the environment and keeping it as healthy as possible for generations to come, we will be pleased to point you in the right direction about disposal of these “tricky” types of waste.
GrinnersSkips are the professionals when it comes to skip hire in Townsville. Contact us to discuss your upcoming renovation – we’re here to help!

Event Waste Management is the Secret to your Event Success

Pulling off an event that becomes the “talk of the town” in Townsville comes down to a little forward planning and a lot of consideration about event waste management. We guarantee guests won’t enjoy tripping over trash! So what are some hot tips to ensure successful disposal of waste at your next event?

How to plan your event waste management

Before: The Big Event

Planning your event in consultation with an event waste management expert means all your bases will be covered. Experience running events comes with years of practise so bring in the professionals like Grinners Skips to take your stress away. Grinners Skips are the experts in Townsville when it comes to skip and wheelie bin hire and we’ll work with you to create an event waste management plan for your big day.

During: The Big Event

Hiring experts on the ground is a fantastic way to make sure there’s enough skip bins and wheelie bins on the day. From experience we know every event is different and that’s why we’re here to help. Our skip bins have waste wise lids and we can also provide cardboard recycling skip bins.

After: The Big Event

Cleaning up after your event is critical, especially for hygiene reasons. Obviously, the sooner the better! Grinners Skips specialise in post event waste removal and we also offer recycling services. Using the best skip bin hire company in Townsville will put your mind at ease and leave you looking forward to your next event.