Top 7 Reasons You Should Hire a Grinners Skip Bin

1. Make Your Life Easier

Grinners Skips makes your clean up A LOT easier by taking care of all your rubbish removal needs. With our skip bins in Townsville, there’s no need to worry about trip after trip to the tip, battling with trailers, borrowing a ute or organising your mates to help out.

There’s no need to put it off. Grinners Skips makes clean-up process flow seamlessly and more efficiently.

2. Save your $’s

Hiring a Grinners Skip bin helps save you on the cost of your clean up. Yes, hiring a skip bin will cost you money but a lot, lot less compared to transport costs that you’ll have to deal with should you decide to transport and hall away all of your rubbish yourself.

Not too mention the costs of a fine if you go over the designated weight limit of your vehicle or trailer.

Worse still, a fine for not covering your load to standard Queensland legislation standard.

Driving a vehicle with a load weighing more than the maximum weight to be carried on a vehicle can mean a fine of up to $219 and 3 demerit points.

Depositing or dropping injurious material on a road can mean a fine of $353 and 2 demerit points.

3. Save your time

Who has the time to handle the rubbish twice? Without a Grinners Skip you’d have to load the rubbish by hand and then unload the same rubbish by hand again at the rubbish tip. You don’t need to spend time you don’t have unloading your rubbish. Not to mention the extra energy in the heat unloading your rubbish at the tip.

Grinners Skip can take care of all your waste materials and unwanted items – saving you time having to load utes and trailers and making heaps of trips to the rubbish tip. We want to quickly and efficiently handle your rubbish so that you can get back to doing what is important to you.

4. Easy to load – User Friendly Bins

All Grinners Skips have doors and are low height to make your job easier and safer to fill. You won’t have to do battle with your rubbish to get it up into a ute tray or trailer. And you only have to load, unloading is all taken care of.

5. No need to transport

Of course no one enjoys taking trips to the rubbish tip, especially with the risk of a puncture, dragging dirt (or mud on a wet day) into your car or even worse damaging your vehicle.

Did you know, the security of your load, your life and the life of others relies on proper load restraint?

Fines can be issued not just for loads that fall off vehicles but for ‘loads that are considered to be in danger of falling off’.

As professionals, Grinners Skips have made custom fitted covers for all our bin sizes. You don’t have to worry about looking for, buying or borrowing straps, ropes, tarps or nets like you would if you transported your own rubbish.

Transporting a load safely also means you need to make sure you don’t exceed a trailers aggregate trailer mass (ATM) and the vehicle’s gross vehicle mass (GVM). Failure to abise by the towing regulations, including maximum loads, may result in a fine, or in the case of an accident, refusal of the accident claim, and the possibility of further legal action. Grinners Skips takes the stress out of your clean up taking care of all this for you.

6. Grinners Skips is a by-referral business

Our customers love us and so they are glad to tell their friends and neighbours about us.

Since we rely on the referrals of our happy clients, we place high regard on the relationship with our clients and we do everything to guarantee they’re pleased with our services.

Don’t take our word for it. A business can say anything they want about their services but the comments of our clients will tell the real story. You can see comments from our happy clients on this website.

7. We love what we do

When you love what you do – it shows! We don’t just take rubbish to the tip. We help people just like you. Whether it’s clearing the clutter, building the future, tackling that overflowing garage, Grinners Skips can give you a whole new lease on life.

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to our customers needs quickly and efficiently with quick delivery and pick-up times that suit you. Even if this means working out of normal business hours.

All the crew at Grinners Skips in Townsville understand honesty, reliability and integrity are the keys to our future success.

Oh, and by the way, did we tell you we love what we do……