What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, credit card & bank transfer.  Payment must be made on or before delivery day of your bin.

Where can the skip bin be placed?

The bin can be placed anywhere on your property so long as we can gain access to it without causing damage.  The bin can also be placed on the footpath so long as access to pedestrians is not blocked.  The bin can’t be placed on the road.

For health and safety reasons we insist you do not move the bin once we have placed it in position.

Do your skip bins have doors?

Yes, every single one of our bins has a door for ease of access.  Even our 2.5m3 bins.  Always insist on a bin with a door.

How long can I keep the bin for?

Grinners skips come with standard 7 day hire.  If you require the skip bin for a longer period this can easily be arranged.

How quick can I have a skip delivered?

We pride ourselves on same day delivery where we have bins available.  We understand you want to get on with your job so our deliveries always take priority over our bin pick ups.

Due to our unmatched value for money our bins are very popular.  For this reason we suggest you book as far in advance as possible.  This is your best chance of getting a skip bin that best meets your requirements, price and delivery date.

Can I put asbestos in a skip?

No.  Asbestos must not be put in any Grinners skip bin.  A $1,500 fee applies if we find you have put asbestos into one of our bins.

Warning:  Hazardous wastes are not allowed to be placed into any Grinners bin.  These include: asbestos, tyres, liquid paint, oils, gas bottles and batteries.

A $1,500 fee applies if you put any asbestos into a Grinners bin.

Can I get a skip delivered on a weekend?

Of course.  We deliver and pick up when it suits you.  We understand this will be outside normal business hours a lot of the time.  We really do want your business so we’ll do our utmost to fit in with what suits you best.

How full can I fill the skip bin?

To the top of the bin only.  Overloaded bins pose a risk to the operator, the lifting equipment and other road users.

Warning:  A heavy load surcharge applies to loads weighing more than our allocated weight allowance, that’s 1 tonne for our 4.5m and 6m bins and half a tonne for our 2.5m bins.

How NOT to fill a Grinners Skip Bin

How NOT to fill a Grinners Skip Bin

How do I book a skip bin?

Simply call us on 0499 334 494 to book a skip bin today!

When will you pick my skip bin up?

We encourage you to phone us as soon as you are finished with the bin.  Should your hire go beyond 7 days, daily charges can occur unless prearranged.

What should I do before my skip bin arrives?

Give some thought as to where you might like the bin placed.  Make sure our truck can easily access this area.  Leave room for the delivery and pick up of the bin.  Keep in mind that we cannot block pedestrian access or cover essential service points on a footpath.

Make sure your car, boat or caravan is moved if needed prior to the bin being delivered and that car keys are available for vehicles on site if needed.

Make sure you don’t place your rubbish where your skip is to be placed.

What can’t I put in the skip bin?

We do not transport restricted, regulated, hazardous or toxic waste.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Explosives and gas bottles/ cylinders
  • Liquids such as oil, paint, thinners
  • Medical waste
  • Tyres

Warning:  Our prices include 1 tonne of waste disposal free in our 4.5m and 6m bins and half a tonne of waste disposal free in our 2.5m bins, waste weights in excess of these respective amounts gets charged at $19.50 per 100kgs.

We recommend you give us a call to discuss your requirements so we can tailor a service to suit your needs – particularly for heavier loads.

What size skip do I need?

A standard 6’ x 4’ box trailer loaded is about 1 cubic metre.  If you estimate you have 2 x trailer loads of rubbish then a 2.5m bin is the one for you.  4 x trailer loads is a 4.5m bin and so on.

Can the skip bin be placed on the road or in a public park?

As a general rule – no.  You can obtain a permit from the Townsville City Council if the street or park is not a major thoroughfare.  The council will charge a fee for the permit.  We will require copy of the permit before the skip bin is delivered.

As part of the permit conditions you will be required to take every precaution to prevent accidents.  This may require additional Oh&S products such as safety barrier mesh, lights and so on.  We can provide these items at an additional cost if needed.

Are there any extra charges?

No.  Our price includes GST, delivery, collection, dump charges and an allocated waste disposal amount free.

Our prices allow for up to 1 tonne of rubbish in our 4.5m and 6m bins and up to half a tonne in our 2.5m bins.  This is more than enough for general waste including household rubbish, garden waste, whitegoods, general building waste (not concrete or bricks).

Charges for dumping are based on weight.  The only time you will incur an additional fee is for loads in excess of these waste weight allocations.  For loads in excess of our standard waste weight allocations you will be charged at a rate of $19.50 per 100kgs.

If you intend to put heavy material in the bin such as broken concrete, soil, broken tiles or pavers, please discuss this with us first.  We are happy to tailor a service for loads that include heavier material.